10 reasons defied!

1. The Mac... It just works

This is maybe the ultimate reason a mac owner will give you to explain why it's superior to a PC.  All mac users will tell you that they never have problems and are 100% satisfied with their computers.  A mac owner will also tell you that w you will never have to think about drivers or upgrades. The mac is perfection itself when delivered, which is untrue, as many mac's can't even be upgraded. So Expect your system to be outdated within 1-2 years.

2. It doesn't crash

Wow, this is total bogus.  OF COURSE MACS CRASH!!  Almost all the time, when a PC crashes, it's because of driver problems, but mac's on the other hand crash because the operating system has faults. Also, it's almost  impossible to trace the source of the crash. When your mac crashes you reinstall the system, which is a fun thing to do in your free time.

3. Simply the best in digital music

Ok, this is just referring to the iPod, which isn't a bad creation.  Still, the iPod cost 50% more than equal products and doesn't have a recording option, which is crucial

4. The missing link in digital photography.

Wow! Finally, Apple programmed a well.. program called iPhotos.  Heres what they say.  "Simply drag your mouse, and iPhoto magically grows or shrinks your photo thumbnails. So you can view individual shots in detail or see hundreds of photos on the screen at once."   Pc's have hundreds of freeware that can do what iPhotos can and a lot more.

 5. Your own digital entertainment center

It seems that Apple thinks that they've revolutionized computers by developing mediocre software for viewing digital photos, editing video, burning CDs and DVDs and listening to music. Well they haven't, once again theirs a ton of freeware that can do this.

6. Goes everywhere you go

 Apple thinks that their laptops are superior to Dell's.  Macbook Air may look cool, but really stinks.  See the Macbook air hacked in 2 minutes in PWN TO OWN challenge in the home section.  This is what apple says:

Can your PC laptop go coast to coast with just one battery?
— Duh.  Unless your talking about some computer from the '70s.

Can you put the system to sleep just by closing the lid?
— Seriously, is this a joke?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Does it wake up instantly?
—Of course.

Can your PC laptop automatically switch between Ethernet,
dial-up and wireless connections on the fly?

—Yes, yes it can.

Without a restart?
Ok, this just proves that Apple has no idea what their competitors are doing at all.

7. It's built for the internet

Apple brags about how easy it is to configure internet connection.  All new Microsoft operating systems come with guides.  They also brag about obvious features like email, favorites, contacts, and history.

8. Office is Office

Mac comes with office, and this is what they say:

"The transition to a Mac is easy in part because you’ll continue using the same applications you already know"

Then why would I want to change if I'm using the same stuff???

"And thanks to exclusive features, the Mac versions improve on their Windows counterparts"

They don't mention any features, because they don't exist!

 9. Works effortlessly with PCs

"Networking on a Mac is built on the same technologies used by PCs."

Once again, then why do I change???

10. It's beautiful

 It's not about appearance, but it's about performance. Besides, you can always mod cases, making your creation original.  If you mod a mac, it will take the same effort.